Evolve U Fitness is a revolutionary home based fitness program designed to transform your body and mind in 1/4 the time of traditional training.


Tired of spending hours per week using outdated traditional exercise methods?
Evolve U requires barely over an hour of exercise PER WEEK to achieve amazing fitness. More is not always better. Based on real science and proven with real people since 1989, this system is the answer you have been looking for.


We all know that diets suck. We also know that they don't work long term.
This is why Evolve you Smart Nutrition is the opposite of the typical restrictive diet. It's a truly innovative program based on the latest nutrition research using specially designed recipes, so your transition to healthy eating is both easy and delicious.


Why don't you see "Mind Training" included in other fitness programs? Because we INVENTED it! Evolve U Smart Mind Training will teach you how to rewire your brain to think like a fit person, so achieving results is faster, easier and most important - permanent. Say goodbye to the weight loss yo-yo!

In just 14 weeks of participating in our program, we are certain that you will love the new U! Why are we so confident? It’s because Evolve U Fitness is not based on fleeting trends or fads. The results you will experience are a by-product of scientific research and real-world application. Our results are real, and the mind training exercises included in this program are unlike anything you have tried before. Not only will you transform your body, but you will also learn the tools to rewire your mind so your transformation sticks!

No more yo-yo dieting, this time it’s for REAL!

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